🎶🎶🎸🎤🎼Reeemmixxx: Chris Brown 🎶🎺🎼🎤

Chris Brown is pushing boundaries and we love it. Word out is that theres gonna be 2-3 remixes of Sex you back to sleep *Yaynesss* Hmmmmm could this be THE RnB song of 2016? I think that’s what Breezy is aiming for and I think he is quite capable of achieving it. He IS Chris Brown after all!

Bryson Tiller, August Alsina, Trey Songs, Usher, Zayne Malik *Gooodness* are some of the artists Breezy has enlisted to do remixes…lol one of the reasons I ❤ Christopher…so much of awesomeness, Sexy and Talent for one song!

I have one of the remixes, featuring Usher and Zayne….HELLO!!!

I think its FIRE! Usher’s demeanor,Chris’s voice, Zayne’s looks#Lit💣
let me know what you think! I simply cannot wait for the Bryson Tiller remix ❤

Check it outtttt.


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Today I am just grateful

So I woke up with probably 101 things to complain about.

But im training myself to see the best in everything….not always an easy task. Hahahaha but…if anything, the goals we need to set ourselves up for are character goals!

Im so grateful for waking up and seeing another day. Grateful for the roof over my head and food in my tummy. Grateful for family and friends, who no matter how full of eish I get at times, are always there to encourage and push me and who never leave.

Grateful for my faith. For My religion that grounds me. For My job. My health. For my blog, a platform where I can be me, im grateful for everybody who takes the time out to read and connect with me. Im grateful for my team at work, GO TITANS!

Im grateful for my upbringing which always encourages me daily to stay on the side of right ( or atleast try too) the upbringing that taught me to communicate and voice how I feel. The upbringing that validated and validates my existence and suggests that I AM WORTHY of all things great. The upbringing that taught me humility. Respect. That instilled morals and values so strong, that even when the world is heading in another direction and all things that are wrong are condoned, I stay grounded.

Today im grateful for my mentee, the person that in the passed week and weeks coming will remind me to never take anything for granted. What a blessing! Shukr Allah for choosing me to do your work.

Im grateful for my past and my lifes hurdles and pains that are inevitable and demand to be felt…if it wasnt for them, I wouldnt have had the strength to overcome all that I have and will need to and I wouldnt beable to have had the courage to set personal boundaries and to know my worth. Im grateful for love, both giving and receiving. Im grateful that I still allow myself to feel, cry, vent, laugh and appreciate.

Today im grateful for my flaws, without them I’d be plain down boring.#ImperfectlyPerfect. For my parents and for knowing God. Without them Id be nothing,seriously! For knowing that ultimately God’s plan ranks #1 and boy oh boy do I trust it. Grateful for all the oppotunities awarded to me and those missed.

Im grateful for my son Mikail, who even though isnt with me, pushes me to do and be better#MumsHeavenlyAngel

Today I am just grateful!

May peace and blessings be upon you all.

Juma mubarak all 🙂

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