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Acknowledgement: A gap cover claim, A Friday lunch to die for and a Sunday message : I can and I will.

Its been hella cray of late. So many things going wrong. Back on blood pressure pills, weight fluctuating, drowning in my position, BF leaving for another city…thats just to name a few.

Isnt it amazing how when we feel this way, there are so many little things that occur that helps restore our faith, that says: Its going to be okay, you”re doing great! That validates the person you are and your existance. These 3 little moments is what is my motivation to keep on going: A Gap cover claim, my last Friday lunch and a Sunday evening message.

A Gap cover claim
So, a couple of weeks ago, I was assisting in our walk-in centre. I had the privellage of meeting an elderly, 73 year old man. He was desperate to get a claim of his sorted after receiving a letter from one of the service providers threatening him to put him on ITC. We got chatting and he explained what an issue it is not being able to manage or own an email address. The statement was dated last year June or July and he only received it in Decemeber.

Anyway, with that we required amendments on some of the claims, so we got cracking, called some provides and it was agreed that they would send the claims in within 2-3 days. Mr X, we shall refer to him as, was thrilled but concerned because he needed to submit the shortfalls to his Gap cover and he didnt have a fax or email facility. So, I offered to await the amended accounts and once reprocessed, to send it off to his gap cover. He was ever so appreciative.

After much deliberation and fighting back and forth with them, Mr X came to our walk-in centre last week on Thursday and asked to speak to me, when I got the call, I was anxious, did his claim still not pay? Did I perhaps do something wrong?

I get there and see the most pleasant sincere smile, greeted with a hug and I get handed this.

My gift

I was super emo, I didnt expect it, I would have done the same for my granparents,he couldnt stop thanking me. He said he had received the funds and had paid the provider and they have acknowledged the payment.

Seeing that smile and knowing that I had assisted in taking one less worry away from a 73 year old man, whose wife is battling cancer, was just so humbling. I felt blessed, that God used me, such an ordinary, to help this family. I can and I will use what God has blessed me with to help others.

Last Friday’s lunch

Last week sometime I received a meeting request inviting me to a TOP PERFORMER celebration. Initially I thought they had made an error, for some reason I dont deem my success by my metrics, which could be bad I suppose, but more so on the impact I have on people and my being able to go the extra mile to assist them.


Nevertheless, I had accepted. It was for Friday between 2-3 pm. So we enter the Auditorium and are welcomed with food, lol how awesome. A wide-spread of finger foods and gorgeous desserts. If that wasnt enough, we had the privellage of spending that time with the other Top Performers in different departments and with our Service Executive and our Service Managers.

We got to listen to their success stories…and it has never become more apparent how important hard work and perseverance is. These people literally started where we all did, at the bottom. They were not trust fund kids or handed out stuff freely…again, God spoke. He chose me to sit amongst these guys and listen to how at points, they felt like giving up and giving in….but by persevering, they overcame their hurdles. Just what I needed to hear. I can and I will overcome my health, personal and career hurdles. What an inspiration booster.

A Sunday evening message.

At this point, After Fridays lunch, I felt inspired. I thought I would blog about it then, But I was so exhausted from the day. I had a busy weekend and very tiring Sunday morning, got home around 15:00 and decided to nap and put my phone on charge. I woke up to such a beautiful message and had one of the most deliberating conversations with one of Gods Angels on earth. She actually inspired this post. Isnt it amazing to know that by just being yourself, flaws and all, it can impact people. I got acknowledged in a way I hadnt been in ages.

Isnt it lovely!

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and inorder to be empowered, you need to empower others. I live by ” be the change you want to see”. Purely to try and better the person I was yesterday. I can and I will continue to use the gift of acknowledgement. It is these little moments that make the biggest difference, atleast in my life it does

Thank you Mr X! Thank you Discovery Health and thank you my Trishy pooh and everybody else that inspires and encourages me.

Blessed week to you all.


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