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The real era!


Its the little things that count.

Spent New year in bed wishing and chatting to all those close and dear to my heart. Sending sincere messages of hope. Love
Positive. Gratitude and God. Lol what more do I need?

If you know me, I hate superficial and am big on being real. This has by far been one of THE most realest, sentimental New Years.

Thank you guys for all of the love and support in 2015. May we all reach new heights in all of our endevours….i hope we all make it. #SeeYouAtTheWinningLine.

Loads of Royalty love

Happy new year guyzzzz❤

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New music – Tore up


Fell In love with this song!!!! And thought I’d share it with you guys❤#ThankMeLater

If you don’t know who she is or where she from. Click here for more information.

Kehlani – Tore up. Dropped a couple days ago…and boy Oh boy have I had it on repeat!

Produced by Jahaan Sweet, the beat is one that a Monica or Keyshia would sing over..and Kehlani does justice to it!

Let me know what ya’ll think

Love and kisses

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THANK YOU cupcake!!!!

Aren't they pweddy!

Aah what an awesome day. Spent expressing myself artistically. If anything, today confirmed what an awesome team my sissy and I make! So the girls cupcakes and cards are done…and they will be carting them off to school tomorrow.

The product!
Their cards...they had such a ball making these

Things you will need for these gorgeous cupcakes. (They cost effective AND delicious…they take a Lil time… it would probably be easier to order them…but as I say…nothing that’s easy is ever worth it😆)

So this is what you will need:

● cup cake mix( snow flake)
● 4 eggs
● 300ML Oil
● 1 cup water
● 1 cup milk
● icing suger ( pre-mix one is perfect)
● MnM’s
● Marshmallows
● muffin tray
● Cup cake holders

Mix your wet ingredients first and then add to the dry ingredients. Spoon em and bake at 180degrees for 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool and vwala.

The batter
Line your tray

Thank you note
These were pretty much simple.

Things you’ll need:
● Tooth pics
● Card board
● project glue
● koki pens

You can cut out any shape you’d like…we did heart shapes. take the tip of the tooth pic and glue it to the back.  You can pretty much write any note fitting for whatever the occasion is.

We did these last night, soley for the glue to dry and for the tooth pics to stick nicely!

The " Thank you" notes

Once these are done and your cup cakes are nice and cooled. You can ice them!

Once iced, place into the cup cake holders, we got these:

Cup cake holders

Then place marshmallow onto your “thank you” note…and pop into the cup cake.

The product😆

You can decorate with smarties, 100’s and 1000’s, cherries, MnM’s, crushed chocs or biscuits…it really is your choice.

And there you have it!!! Perfectly presented cup cakes, made with love and loads of fun and it serves as a lovely art experience for the kids as well!!!!


They had a ball. We had a ball. The gift of giving and giving thoughtfully is a feeling that no words can explain!

Hope you guys enjoy, be sure to post your attempts or give other ideas.

Loves and kisses
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It’s the 01st of the month!

Not just any month…THE last month of 2015! How time is flyinggggggg… Its bogus! Make every moment count,coz you’re the youngest/oldest you will ever be today and every second wasted is Time you aint getting back.

So! Drink tea, go out and dance like nobody’s watching, make love, be happy, leave a mark, hug a hobo, feed the hungry, chill with family and friends, sing like nobody can hear, travel, eat food, play in the rain, read a book, write a song …it really is the little things that count! Life is way waaaay too short to be anything but happy.

On that note, I did quite a bit today and I feel really good about it. I went for an interview to become a Bright Star child mentor!!!! I simply cannot wait…having to be apart of an orphaned kids life and sharing all the love I have with her is going to be simply epic#WishMeLuck.

My sister and I also went to do shopping. Sadly, my nieces are leaving their current school…and so we wanted to do something special for their class mates and teachers…we decided to bake “thank you” cup cakes….I will be sure to post pics as soon as they’re done… both of these tasks didn’t speak to “how much we are going to spend in rand value” but more in the time and effort spent and invested…it really is always more heart-felt.

So whilst everybody is wrapping up this year…perhaps think about putting more thought into your gifts…end the year off with people and things that really matter.

So speak words as though it is the last you will speak.  Love as though it’s the last chance you will get to give it and live as though it is your last day Alive.

Lots of love & best wishes


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