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Bag it.Share it.Lets change it.

So this is my 3rd attempt at getting this post up. For some reason or the other,it’s been giving me an error… on the verge of having a BF much! Anywaaaay☺

Whether you’re a mum, student or 9-5’er…there are just some things that need to be in your bag #HandBagEssentials.

For me, that’s pretty much 70% Tom boy, I am pedantic about having these essentials with me ALL the time…girls will ALWAYS be girls😂

Here are my hand bag essentials:

My Bag

Purrrfect size for me…you will see why in a bit!

Wet wipes

Whether you’re a mum or not! These make life so much more easier and cleaner!


If you’re prone to allergies like I am, there’s are like a life line.

My purse

Goes without saying!

Note book and pen

You can’t 100% rely on your phone… the relevance of the above always finds a way of showing up.

Sanitary towel holder

“Expect the unexpected”…ladies ya’ll know what I’m talking about! 1 of my collegues at work uses it as a medicine holder! His gf suggested it…how awesome!


It’s an essential. Full stop!

Hand sanitizer

I needn’t explain it’s relevance! IT IS A MUST HAVE!!!!

Hair grip

If you’re constantly having those “bad hair days” or wanting to prevent your hair from “going home”… the need for these always sneak up on you!

Soft lips and floss

Chaffed lips are painful, literally! And having something stuck in between your teeth is worse than having a stone stuck in your shoe!


How many times you wished you had one of these on you!!!


You need to smell good. Always!

Earphones, power bank & charger

As much as I hate to admit it…but when my phone is dead it feels as though apart of me is missing….the earphones make for great company!

Specs & sun glasses

Makes my daily job a little more bearable…and makes for a great fashion statement.

Asthma pump

THE most important of the lot! My life support.

Hahaha.  So I’m hoping you guys get to see this post and that it will upload now.

Comment and Share your hand bag essentials and if you’d like, create a handbag full of similar essentials and give it to a random homeless lady or donate it to an organisation 🙂 it is the season of giving after all!!!! Let’s see how many hits we can get✋


Remember this week’s theme is :empower to be empowered.  Share that knowledge!

Hope you are all having a great week this far lovelies. We’re almost “there”.☺


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