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Lets Go green…not with envy but with our hair!

So I know iv been out of touch for a while. It’s been cray cray but I’m still standing.

For those of you who know me, you will know my hair colour is ALWAYS blue black. Last time I dyed it was about 2 months ago….with me taking up a new position tomorrow …I figured I should spice things up a bit.  I’ve always ever wanted to go a very dark blue but then I came across green and fell in love.


*this is not me BTW…but can you see why I fell in love#Sigh

Most of the time when you Google colours and where you can get them from…posts always show up overseas and it always seems so hard to get what you really want from a place close by!!! ..But… do not lose hope because I’ve found a local online shop right here in Durbz…click here to find out more, I placed the order Sunday eve and by Thursday it was already at my nearest post office.

Now for my type of hair I need to bleach in stages. . .simply because my hair is very curly,thick and damages easily and also because I have dyed it black for so long. I got a desired effect but I want it greener and so after 6-8 weeks I will bleach my hair again .

I opted for an ombre look,soley to test the colour out.

Some of the things you will need for obvious reasons! 

¤ An old Tshirt
¤ A mixing bowl
¤ A pair of plastic gloves
¤ An applicator (Brush should come with the bleaching kit)

Now that we have our basic equipment… let’s get started!

To bleach I used the Kair high-lighting kit. You can get it from any Clicks or Dischem and it goes for about R60-R70.


☆ Path your hair down the middle.
☆ Make two loose plaits.
☆ Add the mixture( as per the directions on the box) to the plait.
☆ You can decide how much you want to go in terms of the ombre.

Ps: Remember you CANNOT bleach wet hair,  it’s always best to bleach hair that hasn’t been washed for at least 48hours.

After doing mine, the colour lifted a bit to a brownish colour (because of the black) and I couldn’t leave it on for too long because of my hair type.  But if your hair can handle the bleach..keep it on for as long as you possibly can.

It’s very important to treat your hair…and so after I bleached it, I used a treatment…any treatment for damaged or coloured hair should do.

I used:
Sunsilk’s pro-keratin intense hair treatment. You can get this at any supermarket as well, mine was from clicks and goes for about R50-R60


Once I did this. I then washed my hair completely with shampoo, I conditioned it and put the treatment again. it’s important to shampoo at this stage because once you put your crazy colour in, it’s best not to shampoo else this can strip the colour… towel dry your and we’re now ready to put the crazy colour in… or on…tomayto tomarto

I used Skullour’s dark green. I Ordered it from Modern Monroe @R80 bux a bottle.


♢ Mix powder with conditioner (measure according to how much hair you’re dying)
♢ Work into your hair remembering this stains the scalp so be careful.
♢ Leave for minimum 40-60 minutes.
♢ Rince with cold to like warm water and style as desired!!!

This is my hair after the process( from pitch black to this )#SuperImpressed


I will be bleaching my hair again after about 2-3 months and will be repeating the steps above…this time to achieve a more vibrant,louder colour…it is going to be summer after all!!!

Hope you guys have been gurrrrd #HappySkullouring errbody💋

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