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How to “TurnUp” for an interview.


So I had my final interview for a Client-Relationship Manager’s post on Thursday at 15:00… goodness! I don’t know when was the last time I was so nervous and having to wait almost the entire day didn’t exactly help.

Being short-listed for the assessment was a big – enough deal… I was up against such awesome,  experienced folk…in the company for years clearly bringing more experience than I did since Its not even 2 years that I am with the company … so when I got the meeting request for an interview….you can only imagine the over drive my mind went into!!!

Whilst prepping for the interview…I was like: what do you prep for??? And this is what it boiled down too and seemed to work for me!

• Research and understand the position you’re applying for – the challenges the department face, what the position entails etc.

• Know your strengths and tie it up to the core function of the position you’re applying for or the company’s values.

• Be honest and be yourself- we are human and so being perfect is impossible…besides if the position is for you…being yourself should be enough right ? Right!

• Smile and make and keep your eye contact… they are interviewers …not drill seargents and if successful…you will be working under them so they can’t be THAT bad *hopefully*

• Don’t oversell yourself…speak and answer what’s relevant to the question they are asking…meaning, you need to listen and hear what they are asking.

• Dress apropiately and “Turn up” on time for your interview…1st impressions sadly do last!

• Most importantly… PRAY! It will definately help you calm down and keep yourself composed… for when God is near…we should never fear!

The only pre-interview prep I did was :
> knowing where I am currently in my roll.
> working out my strengths and weaknesses.
> Spoke to people in the current position to get a “hands-on” approach to what they do exactly!  And
> Prayed. I didn’t try busting my head thinking about ” what will they ask”…

Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing everything in certain situations! 

I hope this helps guys…

By the way, my interview rocked! I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

WONDERFUL BE-YOU-TIFULL weekend to you all.

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