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The Natural Way: Luscious lashes and thickened brows …


So I’m back to doing my tumeric facial mask…if you havent read the post and would like to, please follow:
》》 《《

the past winter was quite harsh on my skin… mixing all of these natural ingredients together and applying it on my face,  I remember posting ways in which to get dramatic lashes and ways to naturally – fill brows. I promised to to do a post on how we can promote length and thickness to these naturally . . .and so here we are.

I haven’t tried these and will be heading out to the pharmacy to grab some of these oils and I will be trying them BECAUSE if anybody, I need them desperately with the fine lashes and brows of mine.

Just like how it’s important to allow our skin to breath. . .its important to give our lashes and brows some time – out from the constant curling, plucking , dying tweezing and waxing. Lay off the false lashes and constant tagging for certain intervals and try some of the below:

Castor oil
is known to stimulate hair growth and to thicken it. It has numerous properties which have earned it’s popularity in the beauty world when it comes to hair. If you don’t want to add the other oils, after your evening shower, apply some to the lashes and brows and leave on until the morning.


Vitamin E oils.
This naturally stops hair loss. Also ensure your vitamin b and d requirements for the day are included in your diets…this aids drastically and will help your body do what’s necessary to accelerate hair growth.

Olive oil
Naturally has earned it’s stripes in the hair and beauty world for its deep-penetrating conditioning properties.

You can apply any of these daily in the evenings however I personally will be purchasing all of them and mixing them together. Placing them into an old ,cleaned – out mascara tube is a good idea and will help with the application. Be sure to change the mixture after every 2 weeks.

Affordable and Easy…might take some time to see results but as I say…what you put in…is what you get out…:)

Enjoy hunnies.

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