I don’t need to be an expert…


It was a great weekend until now. Incase you didn’t know…I’m a red devil fan. . .and watching that game I’m like totes peed off! Swansea was Def deserving of that win and thats what’s cheesing me off.

We had some good chances. Ball possession and accurate passes. BUT Rooney,1stly…such a disappointment I mean he was even more nonchalant than a player playing a friendly. LVG. Louis Van Gaal….now I don’t need to be an expert to have picked up that Rooney and Memphis didn’t have good games and it showed very early….why the hell weren’t changes made sooner? When even I could predict the equaliser and even the winning goal. Like I cannot fathom! Really!

And then finally…the ref.1st half I sang praises of how fair he played….and it’s as though I spoke too soon…waaay waaaay too soon. I mean if this was the old man united …10 minutes would have been more than enough to equalise and even score a winning goal or 2!

Totes pissed. 

It was dads bday today and the day was overally good day. Watched movies. Chilled. Ate.

Getting ready for the week ahead. I hope it goes better than the game man untd had because really…we really don’t need to be experts to know when our game plan needs to change.

Wonderful week ahead folks.


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