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How to get perfect lashes ALL the time

If your “perfect” is dramatic….then this post is just FOR YOU.

Ever looked at those chicks who have naturally long, thick and full lashes and then be silently grunting and rolling your eyes???

For a very long time i did because just like my eyebrows….my lashes are very fine and I’d say medium in length.

Anywho…back to how to get those dramatic lashes! These are the things you will need:


● Mascara – I use clarins – wonder perfect mascara or lancome- Hypnose Star… works perfectly . It’s volumizes and lengthens however, if you’d like, you could use one for length and one for volume…Il get back to the application in a bit.


● Eye lash clamper – if ever you doubted it’s ability to make a difference …I suggest you try it and reassess.

● translucent powder….I know, I was like WTFUDGE at first until I tried it. Awesome to put in between your coats to dramatise your lashes…u can even use some baby powder.

● Time – what you put in is what you get out… I will leave it at that.

So! First things first. Clamp your lashes, for a more permanent effect,add some heat to your clamper first and then clamp each side for about 10 seconds.

》》apply your Base coat of mascara… always begin from the bottom and almost wriggle your brush from bottom to top as you go along, ensuring all lashes are covered… allow to dry,but not completely and then apply, with an eye shadow brush, some powder over that coat.

》》Apply your second coat and repeat however many coats you desire. Be as quick as you can as you don’t want to end up with clumpy lashes…

Ps: Don’t forget about the bottom lashes…they totes make a difference…

viola! Perfectly dramatised lashes…even for us thats “skidding”


Happy tenacified Tuesday ya’ll


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