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Be brave and step into the arena.


So yesterday I attended an orientation session for becoming apart of the  Bright Star mentorship programme held at the Fig Tree Cafe in Umgeni park, Durban and was more or less 2-3 hours from

Sharing the morning with such inspiring and awesome folk made the Saturday morning sacrifice all the more worth it. The theme of the morning was: Stepping into the arena, challenging us to take a stand and become actively involved in making a difference …not only to an orphaned child’s life..
But to our own lives…our country.

The work that this organisation is involved with is nothing less than commendable, admirable,  inspiring and just plain down awesome.

Bright stars is an organisation that is actively involved in working towards making South Africa a better country by pairing orphaned kids with a  mentor to aid them in navigating through life’s maze and ultimately completing school…allowing these kids a fair chance to battle on the employment grounds…irradicating poverty and all of the 12 things associated with it.

The screening process is quite extensive as they take time to ensure that you are matched with a kid that is compatible for you. They have process where by these kids are screened and questioned in terms of what they would look for in a mentor, together with their likes and dislikes etc. And the same is then applied to the mentors.

It really is nothing short of commendable…Having spent the morning listening to testimony ‘s of current mentors, young and old, and just hearing what a life changing experience it has been for THEM was just breath – taking. Iv found my purpose. It felt like home for me…and so next year,by the Almighty ‘s grace, I will be joining the bright star family and will bravely step into the arena and contribute to making our country better one child at a time.

To the team at bright stars….THANK YOU…. you guys are hero’s in your own right!!!

For information on how to become a mentor please visit their  Web page:  or take a listen and  follow the link below:

Be present. Be a mentor. Be a friend. Feel free to comment and pose your questions.

Loads of love
Tay Breezy….

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