The value of a “Token of appreciation”


It’s amazing what a token of appreciation can do.

We don’t do things just to receive a “Thank you” but getting that “thank you” can do a world of wonders.

So last night I left the office at 19:46…had to finish up some stuff and complete some courses. . . With that everything else followed late
. Bath. Supper and sleeping time. 

Woke up feeling drained …like seriously. You know when your eyes are burning …and you can’t keep them open…literally ? Yes ! That sleepy. But nevertheless, I had to get up and go to work. Now if you know me…you would know I love what I do.

Bur today began as a normal average day… a day where my enthusiam levels from reaching empty and where i could see it was gonna be a “long & winding” day…. until I got not 1 but 2 service dazzlerz from brokers I had assisted yesterday and last week. . .what they said isn’t of importance right now but what it did was incredible.

Those dazzlers changed my whole day! Not because I look for or work only for someone to acknowledge it or me but because the feeling and act of apreciation for something that you do ;knowing you give your all to doing it…is so very rare, especially in the ever – so busy industry we work in….short term insurance is one of…if not THE busiest sector you can ever be involved in.

Now I’m not bragging…by all means not. But being someone strong willed and self-motivated…the feeling I felt when I received these was enough to turn my attitude, motivation, thought process,  happiness and enthusiam levels from like a 50 to like a gazillion . . .

Moral of the story is:

It is human nature to complain about everything that’s not kosher to or for us…yet when it comes to saying a simple “thank u” with meaning or putting as much effort as we would complain to express gratitude. . .we seem to not to do. So today I urge and encourage you to show appreciation more…the littlest email. Message. Call. Word.text commending someone can be the line between having an average day and having THE most awesomest day even when things are just going wrong.

So thank you guys. To all of you who take time out to read, like and comment on my post.  I say THANK YOU

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