Artist Review: Kehlani Parrish

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged about music but we are back in action

This week’s music review is on the ever so fast – upcoming singer and song writer : Kehlani Parrish. This 20 year old is not just gawjus to the eye but is hella talented.


Born to the Oakland city in America back in 1995 and fairly new to the industry, Kehlani started actively on the music and entertainment streets since 2013. Her group: Poplyfe place 4th in the final round of America’s got Talent.

Now I didn’t know this until I started following her. I didn’t even know she existed until I heard a track she was featured on with Kyle called:
Just a picture … if you haven’t heard it. I suggest you start hearing lol.

Kehlani has since then , America’s got talent, released 2 mix tapes.

1. Cloud 19 released in August of Last year and
2. You should be here in April of this year.

Some good recognition, reviews & mild stones received on both mixed tapes and it seems like we need to get used to having this American beaut around coz there’s no stopping her now.

Kehlani pulls inspiration from lauryn Hill and we know…anybody who is inspired by Miss Hill is nothing short of extra-ordinary and awesome.

My favroute song off cloud 19 is “till the morning ” and off “You should be here ” is Jealous and The way feat. Chance the rapper.

Get surfing…I promise you will not regret. Or you can visit her face book page for more information and updates… link below:

Until next time.

Ciao ciao


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