How to get perfectly natural – filled brows

It’s the long weekend and you need to turn-up… here’s some quick tips to get the perfectly – filled brows… a post in which we try natural ways to thicken and darken will follow soon.

Sigh….this struggle is very much real! For all of us out there who would love eyebrows like this but instead have fine , non – existent brows instead.


It’s not impossible to get this as an end result…so iv learnt recently. My ever so talented collegue at work who does my eyebrows, let me in on tips to “fill” and darken my eyebrows because not even the tinting gives me the desired effect.

Being as curios as I am, I took to Google and went through tons of links for tips & tricks and I found that there are common tips that can indeed help in getting darker, natural – Looking brows…

Things you will need:

. Old mascara brush.
. Brow pencil ( colour that suits your complexion )
. Matching eye shadow
. Translucent powder

Steps to follow:

To guide you as to where to start and end your fill, line your brushes as follows:

Where your brow begins.


Where your brow ends


Then take your pencil and make dash – like movements from the beginning of your brow until the end…remember to make light motions coz you don’t wanna end up looking like drag – queen now.

You will then take an angled brush , if you don’t have 1, use the normal eye – shadow brush and you dab a little on your brush and start filling your brow…remember to go easy.

Once you’re done, use your old mascara brush and brush through your lashes so that it can all even out and also create lines within your brows to give off that natural – look effect.

Now that we’re almost done, to define the brow. Take some translucent powder and apply bordering the shape of your brow…this will definately add dimension and define your shape.


Perfectly natural – Looking filled eye brows. All set and ready to turn up.

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