Can Ex’s really be sincere friends?


Lol funny pic. Dramatic too yess… but Can exes really be friends??

I think not. Especially not after a fresh break – up where emotions are running high and all those 12 things.

Acquitances maybe…you know. ..keep it tidy and eish but like real friends? TellEachOtherEverything-TurnUpTogether-kinda friendships ??? Nah , for me it is seems impossible… and if anybody says that they are besties with their exes …they are lying and is in serious denial.

Let me tell you why I say it’s not possible.

How do you get over somebody you are constantly in contact with? Should they move on…yes you may be mature enough to be happy for them…but you CANNOT tell me should they open up to you regarding their issues in their current relationships…you not gonna be jumping for joy deep down inside!!!!

Lets talk about why you guys decided to part? Character flaws or whatever the case is…love is friendship so if you giving up on love and have decided it’s best for the both of can you then stay friends??? Doesn’t make sense.

… and quite frankly I think it’s disrespectful to whoever the current partner is….you can’t move forward if you still keeping yourself tied to the past and thats the ugly truth. As a current partner it’s not rocket science to imagine that automatically you would feel you’re competing with an ex…

Yes, perhaps after years should you guys see each other. Fine. You both would have moved on and grown…but fresh out of a relationship…seems like a no go for me.

So if your an ex and you are a bestie to ur current ex, you have some serious conversations to have with “Self” and if you ever want to be happy or have a chance at real love again…you need to decide to let go. We not saying be mean and bitter but give yourself enough time to heal and grow.

That’s just my thought though…what do you think? Can you be sincere friends with your ex?

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