Topic 30 : 30 Day blog challenge

What’s the 10 things I’d like to be remebered for?


So we are finally at the end of our challenge. It’s been great. In the beginning it was just about blogging. Saw a challenge and went for it. It was supposed to be over 30 days…we took longer, but we finally here .

I didn’t think the 30 topics would have made me dig so deep and actually force me to sit and think about things pertaining to me as an individual. It reminded me and taught me so much.

So…back to today’s topic…the 10 things i would want to be remebered for are:

1. My blog
2. My love for expression
3. My ambitions
4. My kind nature
5. My smile/laugh
6. My attitude
7. My character
8. My sense of humour
9. God

I guess I’d just want people to remeber me for my simple being and nature. I’d want people to smile at the thought of me 🙂

Happy Sunday Ya’ll . Hey August 💋we see you.

Posted from Just an ordinary girl

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