Girl power, personal

Open her soul…not her legs…open his heart…not his wallet

This is how it should be.


There is something seriously wrong with the world.

So girls are apparently too clingy . Too committed which according to guys they shouldn’t be . . . We shouldn’t rush into things or push to get to know you but it’s okay for you to want to eat my forbidden fruit?

Scary thing is that as time goes on…the fruit seems to become less and less forbidden. It’s okay to want what belongs to a husband but when we supposedly act like wives it’s a problem?

Kind of ironic for men these days to have such double standards. I mean arnt men meant to be providers and protectors …yet many seem to be the reason for the total opposite.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m no biased.  Or against men. I don’t believe all are like the above. But I do see a trend in most of guys our generation.

Ladies. Know ur worth. Don’t easily give it up…don’t do wife things for a an eff boy just like how men don’t do husband things “coz they afraid of commitment ” or whatever other sad excuse they mix up to blame n put it on u when they looking for a way out.

I would like to say : No sex till marriage…that seems more of a taboo these days but at least have a 90 day or 5 date rule before u give it up. Force them to invest in the relationship before getting the cherry and not just walk in and assume a role which they probably know they can’t fill but don’t have the balls to let u know. And when I say invest. I don’t mean money… I mean time. Love . Sacrifice. Nothing worth it should ever be easy.

This isn’t bitter speaking. It’s wisdom. It’s experience.  It’s observation speaking. and for the very few guys out there that are with rachet women who don’t know how to act. Check out the signs. . .place ur standards …you also have every right to be an equal. its important to be with someone on the same wave length as u. That shares the same sentiment so that equal and balance of proportion of THE “give and take” is executed .

So fellas…don’t expect “no strings attached” kind vibes when u wanting to take THE most sacred thing from a women…you want that? Man up n take everything else that comes with it. And ladies… don’t expect him to be taking care of you and yours knowing u only with him for his money…that’s slavery. Value ur selves. Know your self worth. There’s so much more to relationships than booty calls and Shopping sprees…

We have time to change. Let’s start with ourselves. Love to love . Bare no grudges.

I’m grateful to all my exes …sincerely am…Coz it’s made me value myself. Showed my weaknesses. Exposed my flaws . Which are all the things i need inorder to become a better me.

Keep ur standards high. It’s ok to have morals and values these days. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise!

What a healthy relationship should be compromised of ( not just sex and money…as you can see)


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