I don’t need to be an expert…


It was a great weekend until now. Incase you didn’t know…I’m a red devil fan. . .and watching that game I’m like totes peed off! Swansea was Def deserving of that win and thats what’s cheesing me off.

We had some good chances. Ball possession and accurate passes. BUT Rooney,1stly…such a disappointment I mean he was even more nonchalant than a player playing a friendly. LVG. Louis Van Gaal….now I don’t need to be an expert to have picked up that Rooney and Memphis didn’t have good games and it showed very early….why the hell weren’t changes made sooner? When even I could predict the equaliser and even the winning goal. Like I cannot fathom! Really!

And then finally…the ref.1st half I sang praises of how fair he played….and it’s as though I spoke too soon…waaay waaaay too soon. I mean if this was the old man united …10 minutes would have been more than enough to equalise and even score a winning goal or 2!

Totes pissed. 

It was dads bday today and the day was overally good day. Watched movies. Chilled. Ate.

Getting ready for the week ahead. I hope it goes better than the game man untd had because really…we really don’t need to be experts to know when our game plan needs to change.

Wonderful week ahead folks.


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Did someone say BREEZY????


For all who know me, you would know Christopher Maurice Brown is me. I simply adore him, for many reasons other than his sensual voice and frisk dance moves. I feed off and seek inspiration from him, to always be real and always give my 200%in everything that I do.

(Check out my wall paper.)



Recently all his hype and energy is focused on his baby girl Royalty, his album that’s scheduled to drop later on in this year…


And his “One hell of a night” tour.


Many have asked why haven’t I done a music review on him as yet since they know how much I adore him and how “upto date I am” with his ” who’s , what’s, when’s, why’s and how’s.. ”

Yes! I attended his concert here in Durbs on the 04.04.2015…1 night I will NEVER forget… it was my first (time at a concert) and he took it…. ( my concertINITY (concert virginity)#Giggles
I was in awe when I saw him in the flesh…I teared, which isn’t something I easily do…felt like such a


Nevertheless…I wanted this post to be perfect…to be worthy and so I decided to do it now.

It’s his recent achievements or rather the recent “sum-up” of his achievements, that inspired this post…what better way to pay tribute to an artist by speaking and acknowledging his successes? not many artist can ever manage to be as successful as he is after commiting the past mistakes he’s made and THAT in its own is admirable…you can hate him,but you can’t hate his hustle…Zandy B says.

Born in Tappahannock Virginia, to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown.


..on the 05.05.1989, Breezy broke into the industry as a heart felt teenage sensation back in 2005 and has since grown an empire. From music to dance to art to basketball to entrepreneurship…( his own clothing line AND he owns Burger king franchises…doesn’t he just get awesomer?????!!!!) Maurice can Def. claim it all!

He’s achieved so much in these past 10 years it is unreal.


Just to name a few…

● 10 million albums sold world – wide
● 60 million singles sold world wide.
● 3.5 billion you tube views.
● 2.3 billion audio streams.
● 19 #1 Hits
● 1 Grammy award for F.A.M.E album and 31 nominations.
● 2012 ans 2014 most played artist on Rythym Fm.
● Most successful male crossover 3 years in a row… these figures are nothing short of admirable and Breezy is a real force to reckon with..
Not forgetting to mention his fans! #ThankYouTeamBreezy

His up-coming album is said to one of HIS best and will be titled “Royality” , I predict “we” are going to achieve loads more with this album and I for one am waiting in anticipation. We can also expect his video for ” LIQUOR ” to be dropped soonest and the buzz and hype around his recent single featuring Rita Ora- Body on me, is very much alive!!!

Whilst he still faces personal challenges. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours and enourage and applauds his work ethic.

That’s all for now that Tay will be telling. 

Wishing you all a fantastical weekend.

Loads of Breezy Love

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How to get perfect lashes ALL the time

If your “perfect” is dramatic….then this post is just FOR YOU.

Ever looked at those chicks who have naturally long, thick and full lashes and then be silently grunting and rolling your eyes???

For a very long time i did because just like my eyebrows….my lashes are very fine and I’d say medium in length.

Anywho…back to how to get those dramatic lashes! These are the things you will need:


● Mascara – I use clarins – wonder perfect mascara or lancome- Hypnose Star… works perfectly . It’s volumizes and lengthens however, if you’d like, you could use one for length and one for volume…Il get back to the application in a bit.


● Eye lash clamper – if ever you doubted it’s ability to make a difference …I suggest you try it and reassess.

● translucent powder….I know, I was like WTFUDGE at first until I tried it. Awesome to put in between your coats to dramatise your lashes…u can even use some baby powder.

● Time – what you put in is what you get out… I will leave it at that.

So! First things first. Clamp your lashes, for a more permanent effect,add some heat to your clamper first and then clamp each side for about 10 seconds.

》》apply your Base coat of mascara… always begin from the bottom and almost wriggle your brush from bottom to top as you go along, ensuring all lashes are covered… allow to dry,but not completely and then apply, with an eye shadow brush, some powder over that coat.

》》Apply your second coat and repeat however many coats you desire. Be as quick as you can as you don’t want to end up with clumpy lashes…

Ps: Don’t forget about the bottom lashes…they totes make a difference…

viola! Perfectly dramatised lashes…even for us thats “skidding”


Happy tenacified Tuesday ya’ll


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Be brave and step into the arena.


So yesterday I attended an orientation session for becoming apart of the  Bright Star mentorship programme held at the Fig Tree Cafe in Umgeni park, Durban and was more or less 2-3 hours from

Sharing the morning with such inspiring and awesome folk made the Saturday morning sacrifice all the more worth it. The theme of the morning was: Stepping into the arena, challenging us to take a stand and become actively involved in making a difference …not only to an orphaned child’s life..
But to our own lives…our country.

The work that this organisation is involved with is nothing less than commendable, admirable,  inspiring and just plain down awesome.

Bright stars is an organisation that is actively involved in working towards making South Africa a better country by pairing orphaned kids with a  mentor to aid them in navigating through life’s maze and ultimately completing school…allowing these kids a fair chance to battle on the employment grounds…irradicating poverty and all of the 12 things associated with it.

The screening process is quite extensive as they take time to ensure that you are matched with a kid that is compatible for you. They have process where by these kids are screened and questioned in terms of what they would look for in a mentor, together with their likes and dislikes etc. And the same is then applied to the mentors.

It really is nothing short of commendable…Having spent the morning listening to testimony ‘s of current mentors, young and old, and just hearing what a life changing experience it has been for THEM was just breath – taking. Iv found my purpose. It felt like home for me…and so next year,by the Almighty ‘s grace, I will be joining the bright star family and will bravely step into the arena and contribute to making our country better one child at a time.

To the team at bright stars….THANK YOU…. you guys are hero’s in your own right!!!

For information on how to become a mentor please visit their  Web page:  or take a listen and  follow the link below:

Be present. Be a mentor. Be a friend. Feel free to comment and pose your questions.

Loads of love
Tay Breezy….

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The value of a “Token of appreciation”


It’s amazing what a token of appreciation can do.

We don’t do things just to receive a “Thank you” but getting that “thank you” can do a world of wonders.

So last night I left the office at 19:46…had to finish up some stuff and complete some courses. . . With that everything else followed late
. Bath. Supper and sleeping time. 

Woke up feeling drained …like seriously. You know when your eyes are burning …and you can’t keep them open…literally ? Yes ! That sleepy. But nevertheless, I had to get up and go to work. Now if you know me…you would know I love what I do.

Bur today began as a normal average day… a day where my enthusiam levels from reaching empty and where i could see it was gonna be a “long & winding” day…. until I got not 1 but 2 service dazzlerz from brokers I had assisted yesterday and last week. . .what they said isn’t of importance right now but what it did was incredible.

Those dazzlers changed my whole day! Not because I look for or work only for someone to acknowledge it or me but because the feeling and act of apreciation for something that you do ;knowing you give your all to doing it…is so very rare, especially in the ever – so busy industry we work in….short term insurance is one of…if not THE busiest sector you can ever be involved in.

Now I’m not bragging…by all means not. But being someone strong willed and self-motivated…the feeling I felt when I received these was enough to turn my attitude, motivation, thought process,  happiness and enthusiam levels from like a 50 to like a gazillion . . .

Moral of the story is:

It is human nature to complain about everything that’s not kosher to or for us…yet when it comes to saying a simple “thank u” with meaning or putting as much effort as we would complain to express gratitude. . .we seem to not to do. So today I urge and encourage you to show appreciation more…the littlest email. Message. Call. Word.text commending someone can be the line between having an average day and having THE most awesomest day even when things are just going wrong.

So thank you guys. To all of you who take time out to read, like and comment on my post.  I say THANK YOU

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Alive physically. Dead mentally & emotionally

Sometimes we just exist but don’t live.  We’re physically alive but emotionally dead…not sure if this is going to make any sense but I remeber feeling this way and that feeling has come back recently.

Why am I here? What is my purpose. . .yeah yeah…you’re going to tell me to put my hand over my heart…and because it’s beating it means I still have a purpose to fulfil. What is that? I remeber I had one….but I don’t feel it anymore.

I often come here to express my thoughts.  Blog about what makes me happy.  Sad. Or so others can relate yet the last few days putting a post together felt like hard work. . .that’s how I know I’m out of my zone. Blogging.  Speaking.  Socialising is me! Yet my BBM contacts are at 20 or 30 my friends complain they haven’t seen me in ages and all along iv been oblivious to this

What causes this? Have you ever felt like this?

It’s the saddest most loneliest feeling. Living but not being alive.  I forgot just how sad and jaded this feels … I need inspiration.i need motivation. I need challenge. I need new!

It will get better. It has to get better. And yes it starts with your mind set. But like my head is too sore to think and so I will leave it like that.

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New Track. My personal song of the week

A Must hear guys. New track from chris brown and Rita ora.

It’s a must have on your play list. . . The music video is scheduled to be released on August 21st and I simply cannot wait.

Cool track. Turning it down a notch. It’s chill is Def on 100. Fresh. And something u can sing along tooo. Def ticks all my check boxes.

Check out more…follow the link and DOWNLOAD now!!!!!


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Artist Review: Kehlani Parrish

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged about music but we are back in action

This week’s music review is on the ever so fast – upcoming singer and song writer : Kehlani Parrish. This 20 year old is not just gawjus to the eye but is hella talented.


Born to the Oakland city in America back in 1995 and fairly new to the industry, Kehlani started actively on the music and entertainment streets since 2013. Her group: Poplyfe place 4th in the final round of America’s got Talent.

Now I didn’t know this until I started following her. I didn’t even know she existed until I heard a track she was featured on with Kyle called:
Just a picture … if you haven’t heard it. I suggest you start hearing lol.

Kehlani has since then , America’s got talent, released 2 mix tapes.

1. Cloud 19 released in August of Last year and
2. You should be here in April of this year.

Some good recognition, reviews & mild stones received on both mixed tapes and it seems like we need to get used to having this American beaut around coz there’s no stopping her now.

Kehlani pulls inspiration from lauryn Hill and we know…anybody who is inspired by Miss Hill is nothing short of extra-ordinary and awesome.

My favroute song off cloud 19 is “till the morning ” and off “You should be here ” is Jealous and The way feat. Chance the rapper.

Get surfing…I promise you will not regret. Or you can visit her face book page for more information and updates… link below:

Until next time.

Ciao ciao


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How to get perfectly natural – filled brows

It’s the long weekend and you need to turn-up… here’s some quick tips to get the perfectly – filled brows… a post in which we try natural ways to thicken and darken will follow soon.

Sigh….this struggle is very much real! For all of us out there who would love eyebrows like this but instead have fine , non – existent brows instead.


It’s not impossible to get this as an end result…so iv learnt recently. My ever so talented collegue at work who does my eyebrows, let me in on tips to “fill” and darken my eyebrows because not even the tinting gives me the desired effect.

Being as curios as I am, I took to Google and went through tons of links for tips & tricks and I found that there are common tips that can indeed help in getting darker, natural – Looking brows…

Things you will need:

. Old mascara brush.
. Brow pencil ( colour that suits your complexion )
. Matching eye shadow
. Translucent powder

Steps to follow:

To guide you as to where to start and end your fill, line your brushes as follows:

Where your brow begins.


Where your brow ends


Then take your pencil and make dash – like movements from the beginning of your brow until the end…remember to make light motions coz you don’t wanna end up looking like drag – queen now.

You will then take an angled brush , if you don’t have 1, use the normal eye – shadow brush and you dab a little on your brush and start filling your brow…remember to go easy.

Once you’re done, use your old mascara brush and brush through your lashes so that it can all even out and also create lines within your brows to give off that natural – look effect.

Now that we’re almost done, to define the brow. Take some translucent powder and apply bordering the shape of your brow…this will definately add dimension and define your shape.


Perfectly natural – Looking filled eye brows. All set and ready to turn up.

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Can Ex’s really be sincere friends?


Lol funny pic. Dramatic too yess… but Can exes really be friends??

I think not. Especially not after a fresh break – up where emotions are running high and all those 12 things.

Acquitances maybe…you know. ..keep it tidy and eish but like real friends? TellEachOtherEverything-TurnUpTogether-kinda friendships ??? Nah , for me it is seems impossible… and if anybody says that they are besties with their exes …they are lying and is in serious denial.

Let me tell you why I say it’s not possible.

How do you get over somebody you are constantly in contact with? Should they move on…yes you may be mature enough to be happy for them…but you CANNOT tell me should they open up to you regarding their issues in their current relationships…you not gonna be jumping for joy deep down inside!!!!

Lets talk about why you guys decided to part? Character flaws or whatever the case is…love is friendship so if you giving up on love and have decided it’s best for the both of can you then stay friends??? Doesn’t make sense.

… and quite frankly I think it’s disrespectful to whoever the current partner is….you can’t move forward if you still keeping yourself tied to the past and thats the ugly truth. As a current partner it’s not rocket science to imagine that automatically you would feel you’re competing with an ex…

Yes, perhaps after years should you guys see each other. Fine. You both would have moved on and grown…but fresh out of a relationship…seems like a no go for me.

So if your an ex and you are a bestie to ur current ex, you have some serious conversations to have with “Self” and if you ever want to be happy or have a chance at real love again…you need to decide to let go. We not saying be mean and bitter but give yourself enough time to heal and grow.

That’s just my thought though…what do you think? Can you be sincere friends with your ex?

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