The right people will come along

There comes a time when you just have to lay down what u want and cut all the BS in between out. Who ever has a problem with it…shouldn’t be in ur circle of awesomeness.

Life is way to short to be teaching people to love and appreciate you… the right ones will automatically be like magnets and connect with u. Flaws and all.

And if they wanna leave. You shouldn’t force em to stay. Bid farewell.  Wish em well…and continue on your journey …its the way of the world. No body said it would be easy or fair but that’s why he have God right? Right!

So. Anger. Revenge. Hate. Aren’t emotions we want to be festering.we want peace. Happiness. Love and it all starts with you and your thoughts. So start selecting them!

Posted from Just an ordinary girl


2 thoughts on “The right people will come along”

  1. So thought provoking and insightfull.Life is definitely way to short to waste n ponder it with people whom r still deciding on how valuable you are or perhaps easily disposable in their lives.Like a lady…rather bow out with no hard feelings either.. Beautifully written and on point..Thank you Miss Taybreezy


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