Pain is inevitable and demands to be felt.


Pain is inevitable and demands to be felt.

It sometime gets so overwhelming because all you wanna do is just wallow in your sorrows n cry. All u wanna do is let the pieces fall. U wanna question and u wanna hurt those hurting u.

but what iv learnt is that even at this point…its important to keep it all together and seek comfort In knowing all happeneds for a reason. Take the lessons and good memories and allow it to help and aid your self growth …

my self – development goal is to be a better person than I was yesterday…be happier. Be more apreciative. Be honest. Be open to critics. Right my wrongs . To be more helpful and more considerate than I was yesterday…and u can’t grow without experience.

So whilst right now it may seem like “My world is ending” know that all happens for a reason.

Here’s to being better people than we were yesterday. Better friends. Better partners. Here’s to being a happier and righteous you and me. :)#GottaSmileThroughItAll#KeepYourHeadUp#WeArentPerfectAndThatsOkay#GrowingAlways

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