Topic 26: 30 Day blog challenge.

What is the one thing people often misunderstand about you?

For me, it’s the ability to express myself,  whenever I go it, it always seems to them as if I’m fighting or just wanting my own way…

Which is not necessarily the case, I am domineering in character I won’t walk away from that. But I believe as adults you should be able to communicate even things that are volitile and should be able to do it in a dignified manner. 

I have no problem expressing myself. It often comes across as the above or that I think I know it all…for a long time i tried working on it Coz lots of people always got it wrong…but then I realised I am who I am. And the right people will accept me with my #NoFilter and will know ultimately it’s about resolution and not ego or anything else.

So yeah… this mouth of mine tends to get me misunderstoooddd quite alot

Happy Monday ya”ll

Posted from Just an ordinary girl


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