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Topic 25: 30 Day blog challenge


What is the one popular notion you think the world has wrong ?

YOLO– you only live once.

Like these days this notion means.  Go out. Sin. Act a fool. Drug. Sleep around.dress inapropiatly. Bunk school and college.Throw away your self worth . All because you young .wild and free and because you only live once.

This notion, for me, means that you have one life but you live everyday. Live it right.  Don’t waste time on irrelevent things which for me are. Drinking.  Acting a fool. Sleeping around and all those 12 things that most of our generation feel it’s okay to do because we supposedly “YOLO”

Serious notion that the world today has wrong. a legacy .change the world . Use your superpower because the one time that you die….you won’t get a second chance to do it all again.

What notion do you think the world has wrong? 

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