Topic 24: 30 Day blog challenge


What is my family dynamic from when I was a kid vs my family dynamic now.

Growing up we always spent time together as family.  There were set rules. Order. And we all had to adhere to it. The love we had for each other then is the same, if not more now that we’re older however like everything else….I find we don’t spend as much family time now like we did when I was a kid . Life.  Work. PHONES.

I sometimes miss that because you find we get so caught up in life that we almost forever forget the little things.

Rules aren’t really there anymore because we’re grown…and not so much order as there was before…however we still grounded and know that there’s just some lines that you don’t ever cross no matter how grown you are.

We always have and always will celebrate birthdays like we did. Dad will buy our cakes still and mum will make sure she sings the birthday song.

We still get called out on things we do wrong and have to take accountability for it and well mummy always stresses when we get sick and knows just what to do cheer us up when life drags us down.

We always have probably always will have each others back. Guess the dynamic that remains the same is: You mess with one…you mess with all hahahah shoosh to your thoughts on that okay.

Should I be blessed with a family of my own one day…I’d want to it to be something like this.#RideOrDie

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