Topic 23 : 30 Day blog challenge

image List your 5 hobbies and explain why you like doing them.

1. Blogging….allows me to educate my self and research things I’m not sure of.  It allows me to connect with people and get to share my experience in hope to at least help a person going through something similar. I get to keep upto date with my soccer. My music. My religion. The world ahead…it just fulfils everything I love.

2. Listening to music… grew up with music. It inspires me to work hard. And explore my talents.

3. Anything that allows me to express myself artistically.  Cook.bake.draw. don’t have a reason for it …I just like to have and add my personal touch I guess. I love branding things as my own.

4. Reading. It allows me to escape into a world that no one else can enter… I read especially when things around me arnt going too kosher.

5. Save the best for last. I’m always speaking. When I’m busy and in my spare time lmao. I speak to God.  To people;friends, family and strangers. I speak to myself even. Speaking has become a coping mechanism for me. It’s the one thing that i can use both when I’m happy and sad. It sometimes gets me into alot of trouble coz my mouth is said to have no filter but it’s the door way to my soul. It’s allows people to see me for who I am.

Those are my 5. What are your hobbies? I honestly wish my hobbies could be like gym or running or jogging…Aaah what I would do to love  those things and eagerly do it it in my spare time…oh well thats a wish for another time #SipsOnTeaWithMilkAnd4Sugar image Posted from Just an ordinary girl


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