Topic 21: 30 Day blog challenge.


If you could have one super power what would it be and what would you do with it first???

If i could have 1 super power???? Pstssshhhh I have a super power already.  Superpower of awesomeness. Hahhaha just kidding.

It would be The super power of instilling self worth.

I would use it on all the side chicks and home breakers…I believe women have a power that many don’t even know of. A power that can change the world.

If women know the value of their self – worth. They will know how to act. If they know how they act…things will then change . If all women act as such…the world will slowly start changing. Women wouldn’t need to put up with men who take advantage and leave them to raise kids who go astray because of lack of a man in their lives or opportunity…these kids wouldn’t turn to crime . Societies wouldn’t be in danger. And the whole world would just be different.

Further more side chicks will know they deserve better than second best. Families and homes wouldn’t break and kids then won’t be affected unnecessarily. ..all these changes can come if women just believe in their self worth

So that’s what my super power would be …I will sprinkle some self – worth on both men and women. . .and change the world one being at a time.

What would you choose?

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