Supposed to be Day 20 : 30 day blog challenge

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

3 memories I mostly go back to as a kid aren’t distinctive, but the one’s that occurred frequently…and I remeber how chuffed I used to get each time these occurred. 

Making sock – puppets with mum

Whenever I think of the mum that I would one day want to be for my future kids…i go back to the mum I had growing up.  My mother had all the patience in the world.she would sit with up and take our old socks. With different types of buttons and material and would make us choose and once chosen, she would sew on our stuff and then we’d sit up playing all night. ..just us 3. Her,my older sis and I 🙂

The night before eids

By this time. All of our eid clothes were bought.  Hair was done and we couldn’t sleep early enough because we were also so excited to get dressed up and get money from the elders. My Aunty would put hena on our hands and we would sellotape it eager to wake up and compare whose is darker that who’s.

School holidays

We always spent at granny biba ‘ s house with cousins Ferdoz, Kashiefa and our late cousin Kashief, who by the way was the most mischievous of the lot. We would hide and go to pool. Steal things from grans tuck shop. Play all soughts of games.

Whenever I think of my child hood….these era’s or memories or times come back to me most often

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