Day 19: 30 Day blog challenge

If you could live anywhere. Where would you live and why?… 

Just want to share something with you guys before we get to today’s question.

I woke up at peace today, I woke up ready for today. I woke up ready to take on this day .I woke up being present in today. I was saddened because our auspicious month is coming to an end. . .the month where even when you don’t want to, it forces you to be righteous, It forces you to display and fulfil your morals. Values and etiquette. . . I almost feel as though one month is not enough. And pray that I get to see next year’s ramadaan. 

When you on your journey of self recovery. . .these guidelines and encouragements assist you. It strengthens you ….the lessons I’ve practiced in this month; I will definately make a conscious effort to make it apart of my character permanently.

With that said. I have loads of places I would love to visit. But to stay would be one of 2 places. The realistic one being Capetown…yes, I would actually stay in South Africa.

Why?? Well my culture and heritage is from there… Most of Dads side of the family is there, firstly.  Secondly the people you meet from Capetown are always  warm and friendly … I would totes fit it in and most importantly,  predominately of the population is muslim…and growing up my future kids in that environment will make it alot easier for them to know and practice their religion especially because everybody else around them does so.

The far – fetched, not – so – realistic  place would be Medina,  one of the city’s of our Islamic pilgrimage… having being able to live upon all of our history’s teachings and places … having to walk on the same ground our prophets worshiped and sacrifice on. . .would be a dream come true. Islam rules there and so I would be encouraged to fulfil my Islamic duties and dress code. Practice my morals , values and etiquette.  Such a Pitty nobody can get citizenship there.  I would definately love to complete my pilgrimage one day though…so at least i will be able to say “I was there”

By God’s grace 🙂

All set and ready for our Wacky Wednesday???

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