Day 17: 30 Day blog challenge


Today I woke up pissed off. It irritates the eish out of me having to talk about or argue over the same thing that’s causing the problem…and as I was about to start cussing out, I came across this meme which says basically that there’s 2 things you can never get back, that being life and time

Analysing this ; part of me still felt the issue needed to get addressed, again and another part said: “be still”. Sit and observe so that when it is time to blast out… you will have enough justification that even a blind man could see.

And so I change my thoughts and said today will be good day and that I won’t let the wrong doing of another person dull my sparkle…in this train of thought I figured we will do day 17 ‘ s blog topic now. I look forward to answering these questions, not only because you are getting to know me but because I’m constantly reminding myself of who I really am. # SoRefreshing

What is the 1 thing you wish you were good at.

Singing and playing the guitar.

I love music. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still sing and rap along…I just wish I was good at and for my own sake not to break through into the industry or anything. Just for me.

I also love the guitar and so wish I were good at it. I bought 1 about a year ago. It broke and a friend of mine offered to fix it for me …I still haven’t fetched it #Hides

I really need to start dedicating time to that.

It’s Sunday today and Monday tomorrow. Get those energy levels and optimistic levels back to 100…we know Mondays generally bend us over!

Have a wonderful . Soulful Sunday Ya’ll 💋  and remember. Feel free to comment. Share or give feedback. Always a pleasure hearing from you awesome folk

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