Day 16: 30 Day bog challenge


Hello you extra-ordinary folk. So today we’re speaking about accomplishments and I am to list my 5 greatest ones.

I read something that says ” Accomplishments begin with the decision to try…” and on pondering over this i actually couldn’t agree with it more. The only person standing between you and your dreams is yourself. # It’s True

My 5 biggest accomplishments would be:

1. Achieving my provincial debating colours and being apart of the South African debating champs of 2006

2. Becoming head girl in my matric year.

3. Overcoming and handling my divorce and the loss of my son in a dignified manner.

4. The growth in my career thus far.

5. Becoming closer to the man upstairs (Allah)

As at now, these are my 5 biggest . Got alot more achieving to do.

Love. Peace and happiness.

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