Day 13: 30 day blog challenge


I am so drained today. . . no amount of
words or logic can explain why…

I had, by far, one of THE most demoralising days at work. I don’t feel like praying. Like everything is just on the negative side…but. we don’t dwell so I’m sure Il be bouncing back to normal in no time.

Anyways.Today’s challenge topic is : Describe 5 of your weaknesses.

1. Food
I’m not even gonna say much more on that 1
2. Kids
they know just how to work around me.

3. Gullible
u trust too easily and too quickly

4. Music
it sometimes strays me away from prayer.

5. Inconsistency and procrastination
I often have great ideas and will always be consistent in the beginning and then…the rest is history hahahhaha.

I hope your day is going way better than mine.sweet dreams to all of you hunnies and thank you for your support.

Posted from Just an ordinary girl


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