Day 11 : 30 day blog challenge.


Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Definately the hardest topic thus far…because iv had so many hahahaha.

Well….let’s see …

Uhm, my most embarrassing moment would have been when….

Yes , yes, I got it. So we were like I think 13 or 14 and every school holiday we would spend at my grans. So this one particular day we were off to town or something with my aunt and we all got dressed up. My gran had then sent us to the shop…now let me tell you about ” the shop ” all the cool boys used to hang out there. Whenever you would go, they all would be there.

…And so we make our way excitedly because we were feeling cute, being dressed up and all and like any other day…the guys were there.

As we enter the shop. Don’t I fall. And not just a normal fall. A head first, eye-ballic fall with scrapes and scratches and the fall that instantly brings you to tears.

At that moment…I wish the ground could have swallowed me up and that I’d never have to have shown my face again.hahahhaha. they were sweet though. Asked if I’m okay…didn’t laugh even although I think they wanted to…I mean if I saw me fall, I would laugh too…

Aaah thinking of it and I feel embarrassed all over again.

Do you have any similar experiences ? Gotta be able to smile and laugh through it all.

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2 thoughts on “Day 11 : 30 day blog challenge.”

  1. That same gran who would send me to the shop and refuse that I change into something more “suitable” with my crush two doors and a street away. .. Always eyeballs

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