Day 10: 30 day blog challenge


Yeap … Definately one of my pet peeves

In all honesty: i actually didn’t know what a pet peeve was until today…for those that did hahah laugh @me yes! For those that don’t… a pet peeve is :
something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

My 10 biggest pet peeves are: ( Gawsh i generally don’t get annoyed much but when I do it because of the ffg. )

1. Words without action. Don’t BS me. Real talk lives here.

2. A dirty microwave…are u really gonna warm stuff up and not clean after yourself.

3. Inconsiderate people.

4. A condescending tone…don’t even try to use with me. We adults…let’s communicate in a dignified manner.

5. Side chicks…I’m not here to judge…but it annoys the shit out of me when I see women who don’t value themselves.

6. Conceted people…there’s kids starving out there and you will still make it about you.

7. Myself. I annoy myself sometimes…cause I end up caring alil too much…make people priorities when to them, I’m prob just an option.

8. An untidy fridge…its just wrong to have things laying all over , opened, in 10 million pots in the fridge.

9. A filthy toilet…if you’re leave “skid-marks” , have the decency to clean it.

10. Douche bags … like there are only two ways to do things. The right way and the wrong …and those that do it the wrong way annoy the shit out of.

Lol Gawsh that was a mission.

Happy Soulful Sunday Ya’ll


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