Day 9 : 30 day blog challenge


Today’s blog topic is : List 10 people who have influenced you and describe why?

I seek inspiration from different things and people daily however there are a few people who drive me and are the voices in my head or memory pushing me to do better and to do what’s right.

1. Prophet Mohammed PBUH – for teaching Me through history about morals, value and etiquette

2. Mother Teresa – Teaching me the act of kindness towards people irrespective of colour. Religion or creed.

3. My Mar Una – Looking back at her life. .. a Lady of grace indeed. – she teaches me how to be a lady…and a gracious one especially when facing problems.

4. 2pac – teaches me that ur choices define how successful u are together with hard work and determination , not your surroundings.

5. C.breezy – not just a music icon…reminds me that the best gift you can give to the world is being yourself. # Keep it real.

6. My parents – 33 years together …I want a long lasting marriage. My mother teaching me never to settle. My father teaching me that a true man will love and honour and provide for you till death.

7. My Ex Step mother in law – inspires me to never be like her.

8. My nieces. – they inspire me to never let the kid in me disappear. Adult in the flesh …kid at heart.

9. Adrian Gore – inspires me to believe in my dreams… vision.  Hard work. And perseverance don’t ever go unnoticed.

10. Madea – we all need that ghetto side to us. . . You shouldn’t allow anybody to take advantage of you. She inspires me to love and respect myself and not feel bad about it.

These are the ten that I could think of but best believe there are more, these do however inspire me regularly and inspire my sentiments as well.

If you’ re turning up…be safe!!!

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