Day 4: 30 day blog challenge.


10 things you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could…

Hahah this is a gooood one.:)

1. Don’t rush to grow up. Enjoy being a child.with age comes responsibility. ..sometimes some which u are not ready for.

2. Listen to your parents. Believe me they do know better.

3. Study study study. It pays off. Partying can come later

4. Remain true to yourself 10 years later.

5. Start having pen pals from other places. U don’t know when it can come in handy and besides. . .it widens you perspective.
6. Be yourself…ur at an age where you can be very vulnerable. The right people will come along and love you for you.

7. If you don’t fit in…you’re probably doing something right.

8. Read. Read. Read. Imagination sets you free.

9. If you still have your gran around. Cherish her with your all…when u need her she might not be there.

10. Best for last. Make God the center of all you do. Get urself into it from now.

And that’s what I would tell my 16 year old self if I could.


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