Day 3 : 30 day blog challenge


We doing good so far… I was so busy today , this almost slipped my mind…Laying in bed now and I thought to myself : i cannot skip a day, let’s get this challenge underway. Day 3 #LetsGetToIt

Describe your relationship with your parents.

I have a pretty cool relationship with my old folk. Have an open relationship with both of them to some point.

The one thing I know and won’t ever doubt is that when I need them, they are always there, ready to rescue their lil girl and stand by be no matter how many times iv disappointed them.

I can say mostly how I feel and like any family we have our issues. Bottom line is that love lives here.

I have a super dad. He’s like just awesome. And I have a drill sergeant as a mum… the voice in my head telling me to keep going when giving up is all I want to do.

Respect is there. No matter how old I get, they remind me very well that they are the parents. As a kid I got beaten when I did something wrong and that helped groom me into the person I am today.


So…i guess what I’m trying to say is : that I don’t have a perfect relationship with the ole g ‘ s but I have a real 1…which is the closest thing to perfect for me.

Hope u guys had an awesome weekend.

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