Day 2: 30 day blog challenge


And so we’re onto day 2…  fears, the ” F word”  that we’d all like to think we don’t give an actual eff about. Here is goes.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Not being God- fearing

Everything I do, good or bad, I always know and think about God. Yes sometimes it doesn’t stop me from doing wrong but being conscious let’s me know that I’m still bounded by his word and worship.

A couple of years ago I remember not remembering God at all. Would do what I liked but God wasn’t the centre of it all. I remember feeling so lonely. Lost. Just lived each day. Happiness? …well I didn’t even care. How sad.

But then God put me in a situation where the only person who could help me was him and so I started praying and making a conscious effort to make him my world. Now that I have it like this…I really don’t wanna lose him. The peace I’m feeling now Iv never felt before. The relations I’m keeping now. Iv never kept before. The person I am today I never knew before. My morals, values and etiquette are on point and without them I’d be lost. . .so it has now become a fear coz I really don’t wanna go back to that girl who just lived without a purpose…I’d rather die.

2. Not having a family of my own.

If you’ve read some previous posts of mine,  you’d know that I had a family of my own which I don’t have anymore.  if you haven’t , take a look(   http://wp.me/p66Jf5-2C )

I have so much love to give and loved the role I played as a wife and for the 6 months I carried my son, I got warm inside thinking of how id play out the role of being a mother .

I hope and pray daily that God gives me a second chance at those roles coz I really don’t want to die lonely , on a rocking chair knitting with 50 cats around me.

I almost believe I was born to be someone’s soul mate.  It’s now a fear COZ I’m 25…and at 25 most people know who they marrying #Hides. I also love kids and would love to have my own…so the thought that there’s a possibility I won’t get what I love is a lil daunting. Hence has now become a fear. #WeAllLoveToFeelRelevantYeah?

3. Snakes

Yeah this boy hey. I can’t watch them. See them without cringing. It became a fear after I  went to the snake park with my dad and I witnessed one of the employers getting bitten when he was feeding one of them. The aggression and vigorous demeanor of that snake was just like evil. And so now if ever you wanna creep me out. snake….lol

So those are mine. Feel free to comment with yours below. Will pick this up same time. Same place. Tomorrow.


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