Day 1: 30 day blog challenge


List 20 random facts about yourself.

Shoo . Okay , this is gonna be interesting hahaha think I’m gonna learn somethings about myself too. The answers here are literally going to be random and in random order. First thing that pops into my head I will be putting Down…remember: everything I do is according to my mood.#Leggo

1. I’m short.

2. I love music

3. I’d love to take up dance classes

4. I hate fake

5. I’m too real and honest

6 India arie ‘ s song: video, is me personified.

7. I’d love to learn to play the guitar.

8. My favourite emotion is love.

9. I trust easily…alil too easily at times

10. I love family

11. Can’t stand a dirty microwave or toilet.

12. I can be a procrastinator.

14. Love meeting new people.

15. Secret fantasy : hosting my own radio show one day.

16. Don’t piss me off. I have shaka (zulu) and hitler (german) running through my veins.

17. I hide negative emotions.

18. Love to be in charge …not always good, I know. I tend to come across as very domineering.

19. I love food. Gawsh.like it’s not even funny.

20. If you know me. You know I’m just an ordinary girl trying to leave her mark in this world

Lols that was actually harder than I thought.  There’s so much more to tell. I’m gonna have fun with this 1. Feel free to comment and answer these questions for yourself.

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