What is Ramadaan


Ramadaan mubarak to all our muslim Tay Tells family members. May the almighty accept and encourage all your attempts towards righteousness.

Many people don’t know what ramadaan is all about and where it’s authenticity comes from… I hope through this article you will see that not eating and drinking is actually the easy part 🙂


*Ramadaan Is the 9th month of the Islamic calender

*The Holy Quran was revealed during this month.

*The gates of heaven stay open and those to hell close…All the devils are chained up in this month…so any wrong doings is you and your personal desire and not the devil playing advocate to wrong.

*The month is dedicated to seeking forgiveness and is a basis for every muslin to re – evaluate themselves and their faith through personal sacrifice.

*No eating or drinking is allowed from sunrise to sunset…this not only teaching you self discipline but allows every Muslim to be on one level. ..to feel what every poor Muslim person deals with daily hence encouraging humility

*The month is dedicated to giving up personal desires and cutting off from worldly affairs and replacing it with worship.

*It’s a month to re – instill the teachings of Islam. Refraining from back biting and scandaling.

*It encourages morals and value and etiquette towards people and God’s creation and encourages you to get your faith back.

* The most powerful night for forgiveness is hosted within this month.

*Your blessings double within this month for every good deed you do.

*Fasting in this month is so important that if you miss any fasts…due to illness or monthly menstrual cycles,those days missed would need to be paid back before the next ramadaan begins.

There are so many lessons to be learnt and are encouraged within this month. This month strays you away from anger and forces you almost to act with patients and tolerance. Eating and drinking in this regard are considered the easiest to combat and are not the only thing that makes your fast accepted by the Almighty.

May whatever lessons learnt in this month stay with us all. For those that didn’t know much about the month and why it is important in the Islamic faith, I hope this helps and I encourage you all, muslim or not muslim to persue the above characteristics for its helpful and needed in every aspect of life.

Peace.love and happiness to all.

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