My first attempt at writing to a beat #Hides.


If you know me, you know I love music. But I am as far off from being close to being talented just as I am from being a beyonce.

So here’s my first attempt to writing to a beat. Laugh.roll on the floor. COZ I did. But it was so much fun. And it matches the beat. So I feel thrilled right now.hahahaha ….writing songs isn’t as easy as I thought It was. Enjoy.

Grew up on the east side / newlands is my bee hive / got them worker bees protecting queen T and its my boy that be rhyming, u can call him king D // they say fly like a butterfly,sting like a b/ I’m gonna keep u tuned in like it’s dragon ball zee// he say: work something, work something basis #draker.gave up on love with all these heart breakers. need something for keeps sake. A g make .its my first time on a track but this train ain’t stopping/ iv never been a failure but at times I feel like close shoppin/ got dstar on the beat and them haters keep flocking/ but its David and golliath n u know we be rocking: we aim to rank highest/ 5stars: the brightest/ competition: its a crisis/ rough diamonds? We’re the finest/ forget Ali, we  the greateat,/ got crowned: it ur higness. Like hammer: can’t touch this/ wish to be us/ geeezzz. US?

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