Artist Review: Jcole


His not just a treat to the eye. Jermaine Lamarr Cole is quite the hard worker and a lyrical genius of note. Born on January 28 1985 into a mix raced family , Cole resided in Fayetteville, North Caroline, United States.

He started rapping at the tender age of 12 and sought inspiration from: Canibus, Tupac and eminem.

Jermaine Lamarr (<3 his name ) broke into the industry back in 07, releasing his 1st mixtape: The warm up and soon after signed with Roc Nation. He soon released his 2nd mix tape: Friday night lights in 2010… eager bugger but so glad he was because we’re blessed to get new music from him and don’t gotta nail bite in anticipation waiting … yeah yeah we’re addicts and his our fix.

Continuing with the trend, he released his debut album : Cole World :the sideline story, on 27 September 2011 which debuted #1 on the US Billboard 200 top RnB and Top rap album charts. He then dropped Born sinner on the 18 June 2013 which had ranked #2 on the US Billboard chart but later got to #1 earning Cole his second debut album peaking @ #1.

Leaving the best for last. This is by far one of my favourite albums:  Forrest Hills Drive which released on December 09 2014. Cole just one out. No collaborations and took to the mic and gave us just what we wanted. We always knew he was good…but his slowly becoming legendary in my opinion… talks of him and K.Dot ( his review coming soon) doing an album together have been circulating… A real weapon of mass destruction.

Below is the tracklist for forrest hills drive.

1.  Intro
2. January 28
3. Wet Dream
4. 03 adolescence
5. A tale of 2 cities
6. Fire Squad
7. ST.Tropez
8. G.O.M.D
9. No Role Modelz
10. Hello
11. Apparently
12. Love Yourz
13. Note to Self

Jcole isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon and if anything is at his peak. For more information on him, his songs and albums, visit:

If you haven’t gotten around to listening to the album and you’re a hip hop fanatic. Do so now. I promise you you won’t regret it.

That’s it from from me for now .
Ciao bella’s and Ramano’s💋

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