We learn to move on but the memory never leaves


Going through an emotional or traumatic time in your life tends to leave scars… those scars simply meaning that memory of the pain never leaves. . .

Today I’m admitted to remove my tonsils and adnoids …just being inside this environment has reminded me of some traumatic experiences iv experienced before.  The murder of my cousin . The Birth and death of my son. The sound of the flat line on the ECG when my Mar took her last breath.

I remember all of these oh so clearly as though it happened yesterday and although iv made progress in terms of picking up the pieces and starting to move forward again. This just reminded me that no matter how long ago certain events happened, it doesn’t ever get easier but we somehow learn to deal with the pain.

Whilst I lay here teary eyed coz this environment has triggered my memories. im trying to focus on all the good that has happened and consoling myself knowing that God has a reason for all.

So if ever you feel like certain environments, people, songs or anything else start triggering your emotional or traumatic experience, just look back at how far you have come since then and pat yourself on the back.

We are all on a journey and for the most part we don’t have control over what occurrences take place and when they’re going to occur but we sure as hell have control over how we deal with those things.

It’s never easy.
But practice does indeed make perfect.

Remaining positive isn’t something that’s just handed to us, we have to make a conscious effort towards it.

Hope you all have a wonderful , positive week ahead.

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