For the music in me



So I have been putting this post off. Mainly because I love music so much that I didn’t know where to start and needed and wanted the post to be perfect. But here it goes.

I remember being very little 4 maybe 5 sitting with my dad and listening to music and writing down the lyrics. I remember we had a black double cassette (lols doubt the kids in today’s times know what a cassette is) player where you could stop and play. Stop and play. We would sit and write down lyrics to 2pac.donel Jones. And more.

I distinctively remember my dad’s music collection. 2 blue_ 50 cassette holder cases with drawings of men with glasses on. Those cases were so full it couldn’t close.

I grew up listening to the whispers. Ray good man and brown. The temptations. Barry white . Steve Wonder. El Debarge. Baby face.Phil Faron. Sade.  Al green. We jazzed along to Shakatak. And lang arm lol.the jackson 5. Cool notes. New edition.Gawsh. The Ojays. Patte Label. Gladys Knight.There are so many more that I can’t remember all.

I use to find myself listening to lots of lauryn hill. I love chris breezy and have followered him ever since 2005. Always in line checking up on him, getting his newest tracks. Went to his concert. Will post some stuff of that soon.

As I grew older, I started taking a liking to hip hop, pop, some soft rock, RnB, ….I found that I didn’t specifically love just one type of music. My love for rap just grew …fell in love with beats and the lyrics on some. Drake. Jcole. Kendrick. Chance the rapper. Kehlani.keysha.brandy.Monica.Riri. Nicki Minaj. MISSY. August. Weezy. Arianna.The Dream . The Fray. Pink. Lilly Allen. Maroon 5.Etc etc etc are just examples of the stuff I have on my phone

I even found myself, when listening to songs, paying attention to certain instruments, particularly the guitar, drums and piano ( I can’t play any 😦 ) I found myself thinking of how I could relate to music via dance and imagining how I would create choreograph to the beat… it wernt until recently that I found that music is me.

Now this is something scary because we all know music can be powerful and can sometimes cause hypocracy in your hearts and so I find myself loving it but also making a conscious effort not to let it take over me.

I would love to learn to play the guitar as well attend dance classes but just as a hobby and not for any other reason .

There are so many more artists I seek inspiration from and so many more thst speak to me hence why I didn’t know what or who to post first. But it’s a start and in my future music posts…those will unravel.i listen a long to music when I clean. When I cook. When I shower. When I’m going through some ish and even when it’s a feel – good kinda day. So this right here is for the music in me.

Keep on keeping on ya’ll

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