A dedication to you.

Yooh this 2013 year. I’m going to try my best to finish this post without crying.

The year I lost my role model and my son.  My Mar Una  (my mother’s mother) what a woman!  I lost them just 4 months apart.

Let me tell you about my Mar. She was the most gracious woman to walk this planet…and only after her death did we learn so much more about her.  She started working at the tender age of 13 and was the 2nd eldest amongst her siblings.

She was a hustler of note. But a gracious one. She was abused and I’m talking running away at 12 at night with her children, sleeping in bushes just to protect them from my Pa when he came home drunk.

She borrowed clothes for herself and sewed clothes for my mother them. Growing up we didn’t witness this. My pa was the most loving grandpa anyone could ask for and my Mar was always happy and had things under control.  Whenever we were there she used to make us pizza n spoil us rotten.

As we got older. She became more of a friend. A shrink. Boy was she the best listener. I used go with her for her monthly hospital visits, we’d leave at 3.30 am just to get home at a decent hour so she could cook ( quite the chef) we used to have sleep overs too. My pa had passed on back in 98 and so it was just her and my uncles at home and when they used to work out, I used to go stay with her.

She spoilt us. She spoilt me and always told me im destined for greatness and thar my place is on TV.

She wouldn’t make me go to sleep without praying. We would take turns to pray out load…and we would have a good ole laugh about anything amd everything after we’ve prayed until one of us couldnt keep our eyes open. Lol.

I never saw my Mar talking about her problems. Or breaking down. She was a woman of faith who knew her God knew best. I remember I was living in another city at the time she got sick with my then husband. We travelled through the night to see her on the 19.07.13. I never got to see her alive, she was on life support. At about 18.20 we were all around her and the line on the ECG went blank. As her last tear left her eyes, it became apparent that I’d never get to see her again. Never get to eat her food again. Hear her laugh again. At the crematorium I stayed till the last. I didn’t want to let her go. . .but I had too

I can go on n on about this angel that once walked this earth but as this lump grows bigger in my throat I think I will end it here.

Mar Una .you taught and are teaching me things about how a true lady should be. I doubt I’d ever be as strong as u but one thing iv learnt is not to complain and to be still. May God accept you for the true angel that you are. You were and are my role model. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Thank you for giving me the privelledge of being your grand daughter, the privelledge of knowing you and the privelledge of loving you. There’s this part of me that went along with you. But that’s ok coz even although you aren’t here. .. your memory pulls me through each dark era

Love and miss you Mar

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