And so I’m drafting this post and I’m off line. So you guys aren’t going to see this now. #TheHustleIsReal…iv run outta data. But there’s beauty in the struggle. A lot more time to focus on things that matter. You forced to actually call someone if you need anything.

Don’t you guys sometimes feel like technology removes the sentimental element from everything ? ( not saying that its bad or anything. We all appreciate its convenience) Like before you would trip if he didn’t call or you didn’t see him everyday of the week. Now if he’s not in a “relationship” on his Facebook or doesn’t tag or scribble on your wall… (You Know What’s Gon happen)it almost feels like our standards have somewhat dropped.

But even normal I love you ‘s or happy birthdays… Don’t get me wrong, I apreciate all the messages I get,  I guess for someone that’s sentimental like me…I would a hand written letter now then. I’d love for people to take walks with instead of following me on social media and thinking they know me. I’d love for people to sit and speak to me face to face or over the phone  in stead of tweeting me.

I was listening to a song. Kyle feat. Kehlani : Just a picture. Offline now but will try to get the link when I’m up and running again. Or by the time you read this. I probably will be, just hit me up for it, and in this song they speak about this.

So although I’m offline and it’s scary coz I almost feel like apart of me is missing. But I’m going to enjoy doing things the “old school way”…yes, I shall be the change I want to see

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