Happy Mama’s Day

Happy mothers day to all the beautiful. Hardworking mama’s out there. But a very special one to my mother…

“Heaven lies under the feet of thy mother” this in its own should stress the importance of a mother in God’s eyes.

A mother is your first teacher. Is a Nurse. A counsellor. An investigator. A doctor. She is a coach. A Disciplinarian. A body guard. A hair dresser. A mother is a clown. A judge. A fan. A manager. A chef. She is a provider and gets no days off.

This is my mother in a nut shell just that she’s more. My mother is my role model. Yes sure there are things I don’t agree with . But her work ethic and ability to step in when needs be as well as how she has raised us…I wanna be just like her. All of her sacrifices , her strength…# wow

My mother is by biggest fan yet my biggest and most honest critique. She only wants the best for me and my siblings hence her always being so hard.

She is the voice in my head telling me to do better and not to give up. I remember when I lost my son. I was living in a different city at that time, and all I wanted was to be in her arms… she made that come true. She drove 5 hours just to console me and had to leave the next day.

No matter how old I get. I will always need my mama. So today this post is dedicated to her…

Happy mama’s day mummy. MAY the almighty bless you for everything  you have done to raise us right. May you now be able to get the things you have always wanted but couldn’t because you would have rather given us.

May he keep you healthy and relieve all your burdens. Kasi for being all of the above and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better mama.

Love you more than all of the water in the world.

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