South Africa’s most colourful and fun – filled run is back and all the hype around it seems to rank as the craziest thus far.

The neon run in Durban will commence tomorrow the 09.05.2015 at the suncoast casino’s sun deck. Gates will open at 15.00 with the race commencing at 18:30 and the entire event ending off at 23.30. The official after party is being hosted at the night club :Tiger Tiger. (Don’t think il make it to then. Will be finished after that 5k walk!!!!!)

You can run . Hope. Jump. Skip. Walk. Cycle . Jog or skate for 5 k’s and when it’s all over and done with, celebrations and partying continue with the musical festival featuring some of SA ‘S most popular Djs and artists…speak about ending things off with a bang!!!!

Personally I need the exercise but am more excited about some of the artists performing….specifically # Fresh.

So whether u looking for a good work out or A music lover that has a fetish for colour or simply a selfie obsessor, This event incorporates all of the above and can help you score brownie points in the social circles.#Winks

To find out more about the whens, How’s, what’s or who’s. Visit: http://www.neonrun.co.za

Hope to see you guys there.


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