Tenacified Tuesday

So I’m in the car park at work waiting for my dad to pick me up. (20:45) and my shift generally is from 08:00 – 16:30…

I offered to stay and assist with our performance corner (a board that tracks a teams performance) as an audit is going to be conducted in the next 2 days…

As expected, collegues asked why I’m in the office so late and when I told them why, they seemed to have been appalled and so I assumed their reaction was because it’s not something that generally falls within my Job capacity…

I got so caught up in just being present and being able to help it was rather humbling. I felt a sense of inspiration…I felt a sense of accomplishment…I felt my team needed Me and I was fortunate enough to help.

The highlight of it all was that I had chosen: Team 10acity as our team name…mainly because I initially visualised how it could be portrayed and it sounded nice. But I Googled the definition to help me create a team motto…and when going through the links and definitions, Tenacity isn’t a casual trait to have…it takes so much to be tenacious… and I myself didn’t understand it’s true meaning until today. Being able to help can definitely be linked to being tenacious.

Tenacity is not giving up. It is going over.under.around but not giving up. It’s about finding a way or making one. Tenacity is victory in spite of fear. It is victory in anything you do no matter how long or how hard the road is. With no victory there is no survival and without tenacity there is no Victory.

Tenacity is me.

Posted from Just an ordinary girl.

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