The perfect Cat-eye: Down to just 6 steps.

Now if you’re an ameteur like me but love creating adventurous and bold looks….then this post is for you.

So applying foundation and mascaras all come with their tips ans tricks but getting those cat – eyes to match…eventually comes right after 10 tries maybe.

And don’t even tell me abour how Irritating it is when you have to constantly re – apply your foundation surrounding the eye area…

I saw this pic online and boy has it helped me!

Within just 6 steps …you could have the perfect, matching, gorgeous cat – eyed look.

So what I suggest is that when you’re at home and have nothing to do. Try the steps below …this will help you to get used to the technique and once your hand remembers those defined steps…having mis – matched eyes will be 1 less thing to worry about when the night is calling you out.

You could also try this with sellotape ….gives you a more defined look.

So here are the steps:

* place the end – side of an eye pencil or lip liner under your lower eye lid. Instead of the pencil you could place a piece of sellotape there.

*dot an  extended line continuing from your bottom eye lid…you can decide how long or short you want your cat eye to be…

*next, join the dots…yes we taking it back to school.

*line your upper lid as you usually would but stop just before you reach the end of your upper eye lid.

*draw a light line from where u stopped to meet the extended line from your lower lid.

*Then darken and fill it and if you have used sellotape, Once it’s dry, you can slowly peel off the tape.

and then vwalaahh


Try it and hope it works for you.

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