My Hero is my Dad

I consider myself lucky…because my hero is my father and he is still alive. I’m lucky because he is one of the good ones . That one who knows how to look after his responsibilities.

I am so blessed to be his daughter. He encourages me towards God. He advises me on what’s right…even if it goes against his or my happiness. He may not always agree with my decisions…but oh boy,should something happen,I know he has my back.

I grew up watching him play soccer. He was and is my favourite football star. I watched him work hard just to make ends meet. No we not poor neither are we rich. We live for today. We know what its like to struggle.to not have lights.for school fees to go unpaid. He put us through the best schools to give us a shot at what he didnt have.

His sacrifices are so commendable more so because we’re older and can fend for ourselves now but because of some bad decisions taken, we’re still at home, and he doesn’t mind that. He goes out looking for that job to pay for the roof over our heads and feed us daily….and doesn’t ask for a thing in return.

He is involved actively in our community. Sacrifices his time to help others. He believes our neighbours have a right over us and so treats them in the same dignified manner he treats us….what a beautiful soul.

Sure he has his faults. ..there are days I feel like I can punch some sense into him because he ‘doesn’t get me’ but hey…who of us don’t have faults.

My hero is my father… I thank The Almighty for him daily …as I sit next to him and watch him struggle to get our lights and water money…I realise how fortunate I am. FOR Him, if he can’t bring home a packet of chips. A 2ltr cool drink and milkshake for my nieces over and above everything else…He has failed us.

Oh and let me tell you about his psychic ability. We share a telepathic bond. We hardly wish for things,but when we do silently… he’ll come home with the exact same thing without anyone telling him or hitting off…this has happened on so many occasions and to all of us. my mum.sister.brother and myself.

Lol he was sure the disciplinarian. Hit us the old school way of our shoes for school that were not polished and shined or the toilet not being cleaned properly…He grew up the hard way and so it was all he knew. But it’s because of those spankings that we are who we are today.

I pray for a husband with similar qualities. A provider. A hero for my kids one day.

May the almighty make your journey and path to heaven easy Dad. May he bless you with all your hearts desires that sometimes u aren’t able to get because you would rather give us what we want.

I love my hero. I love my dad ….my hero is my dad.

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3 thoughts on “My Hero is my Dad”

  1. I share similar if not exact sentiments with you when it comes to my father ‘my hero’ and the contents of this topic..you have quite a way with words 💕


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